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Pure enjoyment on your vacation

Vacation is enjoyment. At De Pelikaan Holiday Homes, we understand that the ultimate vacation feeling begins with that extra bit of luxury and service. That is why we provide exemplary service and the option of adding extras to your stay that you can request upon booking.

Our service

Upon arrival, all beds are made ready, and bath and kitchen linens are provided. There are various amenities available, and you will also be treated to local Texel treats.


Want the ultimate experience? Then book some of our extras. Upon arrival, we ensure everything is ready for your comfort and pleasure! Additionally, you can book bikes online, and we also offer catering services.


Prepared to discover the island?


Buy a return ticket (undated) for the ferry. You can purchase tickets from a porter at several gates at the ferry port or in advance via the Teso website. The pre-purchased tickets can also be used at the electronic gates.

Biking on Texel

You can cycle to your heart's content on Texel. The island offers more than 140 km of bike trails. You can bring your own bikes or rent bikes from us that include delivery and roadside assistance. You can pre-book your bikes online. The rates vary from € 11.00 per day for a standard gear bicycle to € 22.00 for an electric bicycle. There are also various options for dogs, children, tandem bikes, and sports enthusiasts. Feel free to ask for more information. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Public transport

In Den Helder, Connexxion will take you from Central Station to the ferry port. On Texel, Connexxion operates under the name Texelhopper. Public transport on Texel consists of bus line 28 that runs at fixed times and vans that you need to book in advance. Bus 28 runs between the Veerhaven, Den Burg center, and De Koog. The small Texelhopper vans take you to and from a few hundred boarding points spread across the island. These Texelhopper vans must be reserved at least 30 minutes in advance. You can plan your trip and make bookings on


You can park almost anywhere on Texel if you have a parking vignette. This electronic vignette is linked to your license plate. A vignette is available online via the municipality of Texel: Rates are € 10, € 20, and € 30 for a day, a week or a year respectively.

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Electric cars

If you have an electric car, check out our accommodations with electrical charging stations that you can make use of with your pass.